mircx dead ... but we'r still alive ... posted by zipman
 Temp #AHA us : #aha sur irc.rizon.net

be happy :)
Some news. posted by Ahltar
 We are not dead, just busy ^^
(hey jabber! i need you ^^)

We're working on some eps.
Patience Luke...

Ahltar User
YAY WE DID IT!! posted by Ahltar
 Be glad, we released 4 eps at a time :p
So now 27 to 30 of project arms are available
more as soon as we can.

Ahltar User
Waow just remembered there was this posted by Ahltar
 so, it's been a while and the 26 is out since a long time

see u next time

Ahltar User
Project Arms 25 - OUT posted by Ahltar
 Hi all, project arms 25 is out, come get some ^^
Ahltar User

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